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Nick's Lagoon

With a generous grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation we are learning about salmon streams, beavers, and how to restore habitat damaged long ago. Nick's Lagoon is a salt marsh we helped to protect. Several small streams flow into the marsh that rests along the edges of Hood Canal in Washington State. But all the streams were greatly altered during logging in the 1800s. One was even moved out of its original path. Our grant will help us place that stream back in its natural channel and help salmon follow it to their ancient spawning grounds. Twana Indian People named this area, "The Place Where You Can Hear The Sound of Dancing Feet", and we have named this little creek Dancing Feet in honor of their ongoing efforts to protect our local waters. To learn more about our stream restoration, click on the links on the left for information on Creek Restoration, the beaver workshop, salmon monitoring, and the actual excavation.

Nick's Lagoon