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Join in the Fun! Join TEAM OCEAN as we create a national celebration of Ocean Day. Trace your finger around the globe, following the big blue marble and you will see that no lines separate the vast Pacific from the Atlantic and all the earth's open seas, north to south, east to west.

Kids from Suquamish and Chimacum Elementary, Kitsap Home Schoolers, Seabeck Salmon Team and many others celebrated our first OCEAN DAY on April 24, 2004. Thanks to the generosity of Central Market in Poulsbo, Washington and a visit from Fin, the Wild Olympic Salmon, Pals of the Pacific raised funds to begin design of a whale sculpture to be placed near Chimacum, Washington.

Nick Holm of Nick's Lagoon fame also led a great salmon field trip to beautiful Dewatto Estuary where kids got wet as they learned about the ways of baby salmon.

Saturday, 23 April will mark our second celebration of OCEAN DAY in 2005. We hope you will join by hosting an Ocean Day fest of your own to help others learn more about the beauty, wonders, and fun of the seas.

Contact Pals of the Pacific if you have questions or ideas. Please also send logo ideas for OCEAN DAY and for the creation of TEAM OCEAN, a way of showing that you support the health of our seas.

A whale has been sited, diving into the earth at Tussing Elementary in Pickerington, Ohio. Pals of the Pacific are watching to see where it might emerge. Let us know if you want to help the whale swim into the sea or pop up on your school grounds!

Pals of the Pacific has begun funding for a series of whales to swim from Ohio to Puget Sound and on to Hawaii. Watch for whale sightings in your neighborhood and join us in our celebrations of the sea.
Sculptor, Leo Sewell has created the beginnings of a baby whale tail to partner with Tussing Elementary's Humpback Whale project.

Pieces of metal from students will be added to Leo's whale as he helps the Tussing Whale swim to the sea. The ultimate home of the whale might be in a school playground or ocean near you!

Pals of the Pacific
PO Box 899 Hadlock, Washington 98339

About Pals of the Pacific:

We work to protect ocean environments in the Pacific Ocean, primarily in the State of Washington. Here, we work with young people to help them learn more about our valuable salmon and their habitats. While teaching and learning, we also have been able to acquire valuable land, setting it aside for future generations and making sure the land is always safe for fish and wildlife.

We also help other communities, young people, and schools to learn how to test water quality, sample salmon populations, and find ways to learn more about their local waters. Partnering with others, we hope to learn from one another and share new ideas, tools, and fun too.

We especially enjoy learning from others in distant parts of the Pacific and have begun projects to make live, computer conversation from our streams and shorelines with kids in Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea.

Pals of the Pacific is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. No donated funds are used to pay staff, board members, or other operating expenses. 100% of funds received go directly to educational and restoration projects. For information on how you can donate or become involved, contact our Director, Ron Hirschi

Funds for the Nick's Lagoon Restoration Project were received from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation www.nfwf.org with funds from NOAA www.nmfs.noaa.gov/habitat/restoration